“Rahim Kanani is a gifted writer and adroit interviewer, whose passion for ideas matches his commitment to improving both public policy and social entrepreneurship. Rahim is truly making a difference for the common good.”

- Teresa Amabile
Professor and Director of Research, Harvard Business School
Coauthor, The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement and Creativity at Work


“Rahim’s writing and interviews reflect his passion for positive global social impact. They highlight how organizations, set to a positive purpose and managed effectively, are central to that impact. In particular, his series of interviews weave a thread through the ways in which effective leaders energize great organizations, ultimately to become the way that ideas change the world.”

- David Schmittlein
Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management


“Rahim reflects the new generation of writers who have amazing talents for reflecting with spirit and integrity the stories of two worlds…be it women and men, developed and developing, or East and West. I sure intend on following his writings and his coverage.”

- Zainab Salbi
Founder, Women for Women International


“I admire Rahim Kanani’s work for its clarity, creativity, and positive vision. Rahim’s interviews and writing transcend small-minded arguments to call attention to basic principles essential to promoting positive social change. Rahim is giving voice to the most serious thought leaders around the world. His audience will grow in number as awareness of global issues increases in intensity.”

- Joel H. Rosenthal
President, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs


“Rahim is a consummate professional and a pleasure to interview with. His questions are thought provoking and inquisitive, and his articles contribute to the much needed awareness around critical development issues. The world needs more concerned, informed journalists like Rahim. Imagine what an impact we could make!”

- Helene D. Gayle
CEO, McKinsey Social Initiative
Former President and CEO, 
Former Chair, Obama Administration’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS


“Rahim Kanani is very knowledgeable and passionate. He has created a lot of exciting and inspiring content on global social change that many of us still refer to today. Above all, he really cares. Rahim is not just out to get the story, be rather he wants to be part of the overall effort to create progress in our world. That is indeed encouraging for those of us in the trenches of international development.”

- Marilia Bezerra
Former Director of Commitments, Clinton Global Initiative


“There are many ambitious commenters on social innovation, and most hew to old definitions and standards. Few take the time to fathom it from the inside out, redefining it where necessary. Rahim Kanani is one of the few. I am glad, as many are, that the social innovation business has such a dedicated real-time biographer.”

- Sally Osberg
President and CEO, Skoll Foundation


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